Bari is an administrative region (gobol) in northeastern Somalia.
It is bordered by the Somali regions of Sanaag and Sool to the west, Nugal to the south, the Gulf of Aden to the north and the Guardafui Channel to the east. It is located the tip of the Horn of Africa.
In terms of landmass, Bari is the largest province in the Federal Republic of Somalia. The highest point in this region is Mount Bahaya, the third tallest mountain in Somalia with an elevation of 2120 meters; other notable peaks include Karkaar.
Most of the inhabitants of the Bari region belong to the Somali ethnic group; in particular the Osman Mahamud, Dishiishe,Ali saleebaan and Warsangeli branches of the Harti and Meheri also Jambeel who live in northern Somali regions, the Leelkase Darod, and the Madhiban are considered the minority. According to the 2015 census the population was 1,387,568 inhabitants. This figure combines both the rural and urban populations of Bari as well all IDPs (internally displaced persons).
Radio Galkacyo reported on 19 April 2011 that a new administration, called Raas Asayr, had been declared in parts of Bari Region. Farah Mahmud Yusuf was reported to have been elected as its president. Later, Barre Fatah Said there were possibilities of starting negotiation between Puntland Government and the founders of Raas Assayr state. The leaders of this prospective polity retracted their claims a few months later in June 2012, indicating that they now supported Puntland and were satisfied with the Puntland authorities' new development projects in the region.