Facts about Carolina home insurance

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Weather matters in home insurance

One of the first things you need to consider is where you live. If your area is prone to hurricanes or floods, you’re going to require some additional coverage.  How much will depend on several things, including how old your home is and what is made of.  If big storms come your way you should make sure that the replacement value of your house suits you—that it is enough—and that you know exactly how much you will get when depreciation is calculated.  If you disagree with your insurer about the dollar amount, you are free to negotiate with most of them and begin that process by getting your own professional assessment from a local contractor or two


If you are a collector of valuable items, such as coins, or if you have expensive gemstones, artwork and jewelry, you should expect to have additional coverage. The same would be true of electronics equipment and stereo components. Inventory the valuable items in your home and make sure that they are covered.


Many consumers videotape or photograph their valuables and file the images away with their receipts for easy access should they ever need to make a claim. That kind of documentation makes claims a breeze.


Of course, you only want to file a claim when it is absolutely necessary so you are not penalized on your rate for excessive claims, especially for high value items.

Home insurance discounts

Discounts for security systems are common because anything that helps prevent loss makes carriers happy. Installing a monitored system is often free and done for simply the monitoring charge. Installing a camera of your own has been far easier recently with new technology. It is all appreciated when it comes to pricing your premium.


You are going to see higher rates if you live in an urban area with high theft rates, so be sure to have a security system.


You might also see higher rates if you live in a rural area considered too far from a fire station. Remember, it is all about risk when it comes to pricing, and the better your risk profile the lower your premium