Dog owner alert!

Dogs are part of the American dream, aren’t they? They go along with the house, the white picket fence and the family. What kid doesn’t love to play with their dog?   Yet it comes as a shock when certain breeds present problems when consumers try to get Pennsylvania home insurance quotes from And by problem, we mean higher rates or no insurance at all for dog bites.


That’s because some dog breeds present a bigger risk than others, statistically speaking. That doesn’t mean they aren’t cute or lovable. It means that experience shows that more dog bite claims are filed for them than for other breeds.  What breeds are the most risky for dog bite claims?  You might be surprised by some and not so surprised by others.


Here’s a partial list:


Pit Bull

Great Dane


German Shepherd





Presa canario



You may find that some companies won’t insure dog bite liability for certain breeds, not at all. Others will charge a higher premium for these breeds.  Is this dog breed discrimination? No. It’s simply a business decision based on claims experience.


These companies are concerned with risk. The higher the risk of a claim being filed, the less desirable it is to an insurer. So they aren’t discriminating against Fido at all. They are simply making a decision that is in the interests of their own financial picture.


The list of risky dogs isn’t official, but it is commonly used to assess an application.   Your dog may be cute and have a wonderful and warm temperament, but if it belongs to a risky breed, you may have an issue with your policy. You might not be able to get dog bite coverage at all or you might pay more for coverage.


Sometimes a company will reconsider if you take your dog to training or agree to put a muzzle on him when he is around others. That may or may not be acceptable to you.


If you think you are safe because you have a mixed breed, that’s not the case. If your mutt has one of the breeds in his or her lineage, the same things apply.




This is something few dog owners take into account when getting a dog. So if you already have a dog on the bite-risk list, be aware that it may be an issue.