California auto insurance –quick and easy

Time is at a premium for us all, so when it comes to California auto insurance, you don’t want to waste a lot of time spinning your wheels. We make the process of comparing carriers quick and easy so that it doesn’t hang over your head. In addition, we help make it understandable, knowing how off-putting the lingo can be to consumers.


Let’s start with some good news. If you are lucky enough to own your own residence, carriers automatically look on you as lower risk and you will see lower premiums overall that those who do not own their own place.   If you have a clean driving record, it will pay off, too, in lower costs.  Consumers who don’t file claims for every little scratch are seen as lower risk and therefore get lower rates, too.

Auto insurance for teens


More challenging is the coverage of teenagers. With so little time on the road, they are the age category that most often has accidents. But you can help them along. If they take a driving course either at school or elsewhere, it will help lower that uptick in rate due to their age.  Even better, if your child is a good student, some carriers offer discounts for good grades. Why not look into that?


If your kid goes to college, you may need to update your coverage to reflect the new situation. Maybe they are not bringing a car with them, or maybe they are and will be in a new city. That means it’s time for an update.


Mature driver auto insurance

Perhaps your kids are grown. You may be a senior citizen, in which case you are also considered higher risk. We don’t think or act as quickly as we age and that means in an emergency, too.  That is one reason why carriers would like you to take a mature drivers’ course that helps you be more attuned to various risk factors on the road. You’ll be rewarded in lower rates given by many companies


Maybe you have a classic car or an antique car. You’ll need specialized coverage for that, don’t forget.


When you compare coverage, make sure you have specified the same coverage. If you see a big difference in rates, make sure it isn’t because one company offers less robust coverage.


These are just a few of the variables you’ll need to consider when you seek coverage.